American Express Credit Cards

American Express credit cards, more popularly known as AMEX, are among the most used credit cards worldwide. Even those who already have another card such as a MasterCard or Visa often still want to obtain an American Express credit card. AMEX, along with MasterCard and Visa comprise the most popular credit cards. However, there are substantial differences between these cards.

Visa and MasterCard are both payment providers. They have a system which they allow business to use in order to accept payments using these cards. Visa and MasterCard are issued by banks rather than by the companies themselves. The banks also receive the interest payments; in fact all of the processing is doe by the banks rather than by the credit card companies.

This is the biggest difference between these cards. The American Express credit card is issued directly to cardholders by AMEX itself. Amex is also the company which deals with payments and processing, unlike MasterCard or Visa. An AMEX card is always issued by AMEX; there is no doubt as to the legitimacy of the issuer with these cards.

At the moment, Visa and MasterCard are more universally accepted, but AMEX is catching up. American Express is a great credit card, but does not yet have quite the global reach of the other two big cards.

American Express credit cards feature a rewards program, but you should be careful which one you opt for. American Express gives you all of the information you need to know about their cards right on their own website; if you have good credit, they have a card for you with a low rate of interest and a spending limit which works for you. This is in contrast to Visa and MasterCard, which will sometimes need to look through hundreds of banks before deciding on a card for you.

For European and North America cardholders, American Express credit cards are very beneficial. The cards come with unparalleled customer service, low interest rates and attractive rewards programs. The card is accepted widely throughout Europe and North America and there are many perks attached to being an American Express credit card holder.

American Express also has a brand new offering; a credit card called Blue. This card has no annual fees, extra security measures and 0% APR for the first year! If you have exceptionally good credit, you may even have this no-interest period extended beyond one year. You still get low APR after this introductory period, making Blue a great credit card for every person. This is the newest card offered by American Express, but is rapidly becoming one of the most popular credit cards around.

American Express is simply a great credit card all around. They have a variety of offerings with one perfectly suited to your needs no matter who you are. You can get an AMEX card from a local outlet or even over the internet, which certainly makes things easy! If your credit is good, you just have to fill out their application; you should have no problem receiving a card. Within a matter of days, you’ll be enjoying your new American Express credit card.

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